Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pizza Roll-Ups

This recipe comes from and was a hit with the kids. With the tasty pizza sauce and melted mozzarella taking center stage, I don't think they even realized they were eating spinach!

Pizza Roll-Up

Ingredients per serving:
1 whole wheat tortilla
2T pizza sauce
12 leaves of baby spinach
3 T shredded mozzarella

Layer the tortilla with the pizza sauce, spinach leaves, and mozzarella. Microwave for about 45 seconds to melt the cheese and then carefully roll up the wrap. The EatingWell recipe indicates to let it cool and then cut it into slices. I cut them in half and let the kids eat them warm.

This recipe has 217 calories and 7 grams of fat. I served this with a piece of fruit, some fresh veggies and ranch for dipping.

Kid Rating: 5 Thumbs Up!!

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  1. I bet my kids would like this too! I found an awesome deal on WW tortillas at Sam's last week too!


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