Tuesday, February 22, 2011


The last couple of days we have been eating leftovers from a weekend of surplus.

Saturday evening Luci cooked Peanutty Chicken and Pasta for her visiting grandparents and uncle. We doubled the recipe since we were feeding five adults and three children. A single recipe makes four servings, so this doubled recipe made eight servings and even with some having a second helping, we still had plenty leftover.

Sunday afternoon I had plans to make a pot of Tortellini Soup, however, a power outage in the middle of cooking the soup caused us to regroup. We picked up Subway sandwiches instead and when the power came back on a couple of hours later the soup resumed cooking.

So, yesterday was Tortellini Soup and today was Peanutty Chicken and Pasta. I love microwave-reheat-and-eat days!

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  1. I love leftover days too! I love Luci's hat! Did you make it?


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